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online questionnaire: Feedback Questionnaire

online questionnaire: Feedback Questionnaire

Feedback Questionnaire

A feedback questionnaire is an important tool utilized to evaluate the effectiveness or performance of conference, service, product or lecture etc. Critical inputs and answers help in improving the standards and serve the end users efficiently.

Feedback Questionnaire

Social Questionnaire

Social questionnaires can be friendly or for a cause. For example- AIDS awareness survey, just to check how well known are you about the disease. As a matter of fact, every survey or a questionnaire imparts some information directly or indirectly. Other social questionnaire includes questionnaires to test your attitudes and behavior and find out how socially responsible you are. If the specialist finds something drastically abnormal or wrong, then the individual is given proper counseling or treatment.

social questionnaire

Customer service Questionnaire

Customer service questionnaire is designed to gather information regarding the services rendered to the customers. The main goal of any organization is to provide quality service to their customers. By asking right questions and seeking constructive feedback from the existing and potential customers, the organization moulds itself to provide the best services.
sample customer service questionnaire

Travel Questionnaire

To be able to travel freely in a different country or region, there are certain norms that every one follows. To start with, we learn about the place – its climate, food, people, tourism etc. Travel questionnaires comprise set of questions related to your travel experience in that region which would help others to know more on do’s and don’ts. Apart from that, travel questionnaires include the health precautions to be taken before and while travelling. It is advised to consult your physician for the immunizations before travelling to a new region. The travel questionnaires may be parted into pre-travel questionnaires and post travel questionnaires.
travel questionnaire

Business Questionnaire

Business questionnaires are used to seek feedback from the customers regarding the services rendered (Survey questionnaires) or they may comprise of questionnaires which would help an individual analyze which business suits him better. This tool is extremely helpful in checking your business needs and the popularity of your brand among the customers. Asking right kind of questions to right audience can boost up your business to higher levels.

Employment Questionnaire

The employment questionnaires mostly include interview questions for job seekers. Apart from this, there’s a pre-employment questionnaire, a.k.a PEQ, which helps to determine the eligibility of a candidate for a particular job. Post employment questionnaires seek feedback from the employees leaving their jobs. The whole idea is to improve the quality of work life based on the valuable feedback provided by the employee.

Education Questionnaire

Education Questionnaire is a good way to gather information regarding a particular subject or career. The education questionnaires are diverse and are categorized under various topics. For example, they can help students identify which career or field suits them better or there are other research or academics specific education questionnaires. The focus is to gather as much information as possible and deduce a conclusion and improvise upon it.

Hr Questionnaire

HR questionnaires mostly include employment related surveys. For example, a salary survey is a part of HR questionnaire. HR questionnaires like the exit interview questionnaire help the HR team to gather a feedback from the employee about the management and other aspects of the company. Depending on the feedback, measures are taken to improve the standards. To measure the level of satisfaction, HR team of any organization comes up with employee questionnaire. Further, the HR questionnaire may also include pre-interview questionnaire which helps in filtering candidates while recruitments.

Medical Questionnaire

Medical questionnaire helps the clinician interpret the general and oral health of a patient. It can be prepared particular to a specific disease or any health related issue. They are general given with privacy and anonymity. Medical questionnaires are also prepared for candidates taking up adventurous sports like sea dives etc.

Health Questionnaire

A health Questionnaire is used to identify health problems or complaints that may be associated with your work or environmental exposures. These are kept confidential and are reviewed by physicians or specialists. The health questionnaire is tool to bring in the required changes offer best health care possible. They can be created Online as well as hard copy. Online surveys are hosted with the results on the servers and provide an instant remedy to the problems.

Online Questionnaire

A popular way of collecting data at a lightening speed is through the internet. The online questionnaires are framed for a set of users who use the product and can provide a valuable feedback. The online questions can be displayed in different forms including the check boxes, pop-up menus, graphics, pull down menus etc. This is the most interactive way of conducting a survey.

Career Questionnaire

Career Questionnaire is a self assessment tool and helps you realize your potential in a particular field. Personality tests or psychometric tests, career profile questionnaires are a part of career questionnaires. These psychometric tests help you assess your strong and weak points .Most of the companies today, make use of these tests to make the process of recruitment easier and filter the candidates unfit for the job.

Survey Questionnaire

A survey questionnaire is certainly a productive tool to aid you in obtaining constructive feedback from the customers. In a consumer survey questionnaire, you need to write intelligent questions so as to gather information from the users. Preparing a well thought survey questionnaire will provide you with customer insight and market research at a relatively low cost.

Sample Survey